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Mid-Willamette Family YMCA


The results are in!

Thank you for completing our recent member survey on YMCA campus development. We had strong participation with 309 responses to questions regarding your preferences for future YMCA facilities & programs, expanded campus services and programs as well as your feedback on current YMCA operations. We appreciate your active involvement in the future of our YMCA!

Here are some survey results:

We asked: Rank how conveniently located the YMCA was from your home on a scale of 0 to 5, with 0 being very inconvenient and 5 being very conveniently located to your home.
3.9 out of 5 – meaning that overall survey respondents considered the YMCA to be conveniently located to their homes

We asked: Do you combine errands with your visits to the YMCA?
55% of survey respondents indicated yes they combines trips with their visits to the YMCA

We asked: If you answered “yes” to the previous question, which of the following business do you visit on your trip?
For the 55% of respondents who combined errands with their visits to the YMCA, 78% reported going to a grocery store. After the grocery stores, they visited the bank most frequently (43%), followed by restaurants (36%), the pharmacy(24%), and childcare services (13%). Respondents reported visiting the dry cleaners the least (4%).

We asked: How likely would you be to visit one of the following business if it were located at the YMCA campus on a scale of 1 to 5; 1 being very unlikely, 3 being likely, and 5 being very likely

We asked: Are there services or non-profits that would be convenient for you if they were located adjacent to the YMCA?
doctor’s or medical office (31%), childcare services (19%), social services (9%), food bank (7%), and other (49%)

Regarding our YMCA services: Cardio Training, Aquatics, Strength Training, and Land Exercise Classes are most frequently used. (in that order)

Regarding your level of satisfaction with your YMCA experience: We are please to say that 96% of members are satisfied or very satisfied with friendliness & helpfulness of staff and their overall membership experience. We learned members would like to see extended hours, and for the parking lot and locker room amenities to be improved.

Member suggestions for new services and programs included: a larger locker area with more lockers and showers, and expansion of land fitness class areas, a climbing wall, more activities geared towards children, and the addition of outdoor reactional spaces.

Members favorite things: New Facility, Family Atmosphere, and Friendly, Caring Staff

We appreciate your comments and concerns. We hear you and will use this new information for the continued development of our YMCA.

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