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Our Fitness Space

Mid-Willamette Family YMCA

Mid-Willamette Family YMCA

Our Fitness Space





Appropriate workout attire is required when working out at the YMCA.
Shirts and tennis shoes are required in all areas except the pool.
Shirt with offensive/profane messages deemed by the YMCA staff are not allowed.
Clothing and/or body art must be covered if it is deemed offensive by YMCA staff.
Pool attire policy is strictly enforced. See Aquatic Policies for details.
Open-toed and backless shoes are only permitted in the aquatics areas of the facility.
Denim jeans are not allowed while working out for safety purposes.

No food is allowed in the strength & cardio, gyms, racquetball courts, or group fitness studios.
No chalk is allowed in the strength & cardio.
Offensive or profane language is prohibited.
No one is allowed to take pictures or video tape without approval from a YMCA staff.
Re-rack your weights and return all accessories to their proper locations.
Please wipe down equipment after every use.
All drinks must be water and kept in a sealed bottle.
Please inform staff members of any spills, messes, safety hazards, or broken equipment.
Be patient while waiting for a machine and ask to “work in”.
Allow others to “work in”.
Do not sit on machines to rest.
Please do not move machines.
Abuse or misuse of equipment will not be tolerated.
Avoid banging weights and dropping dumbbells.
Minimum age requirements for fitness areas must be followed and will be enforced.
Free fitness orientations are given to members that want to learn how to use equipment.
Please use headphones while listening to personal music.
Use of the strength & cardio center may be restricted at certain times. (please see the YMCA schedule)
All members are expected to abide by the decisions of the YMCA staff.
Racquetball court reservations are recommended.
To reserve a court please call the Welcome Center at 541.926.4488.
Racquets and balls can be borrowed for game use from the YMCA Welcome Center.
Please check the gym schedule to ensure that courts are available for use.
Be respectful of programs and group activities scheduled in the gym.

All members are encouraged to use the locker rooms.
Lockers are for day-use only, unless renting a locker from the Welcome Center.
Members have the option to purchase locker rentals at the Welcome Center for continued use.
Members using lockers for daily use are encouraged to bring their own locks, and are required to remove locks when leaving the property.
We hold random locker audits. Any belongings left in unrented lockers after hours will be removed from the locker and put into lost and found, regardless of a lock present.
We are not responsible for replacing locks cut off of unrented lockers after hours.
The Welcome Center may have locks for sale for your convenience.
No personal belongings will be held behind the Welcome Center.
All valuables are the responsibility of the person owning them.
The YMCA cannot and does not assume the responsibility for lost or stolen items.
Please do not leave valuable items unattended.
Member’s coats, bags, and purses are not allowed in the strength & cardio center; please use the day-use lockers in the hallway.
If personal items are left on YMCA property, they will be donated to a worthy cause after a few weeks of going unclaimed.
Absolutely no taking pictures or videos in the locker rooms.
Children over the age of 4 years old may not use the opposite gender’s locker room. We encourage you to utilize our individual changing locker rooms.
Please be courteous of other members and clean up after yourself.
If you see anything in the locker rooms that may need attention, please let a staff member know.

UPDATED 7-12-2017

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