Studies have taught us that learning improves when children are engaged in an enjoyable and meaningful activity. That’s why our curriculum includes a variety of creative activities that stimulate brain development, with a focus on creative play. Having fun, along with learning, is the way the YMCA makes sure your child gets the most out of his or her pre-school experience. 


Monday, Wednesday & Friday Morning Class
9:00am-11:30am | 3-5 Y/O
Members: $145, Non-members: $190

Tuesday & Thursday Morning Class
8:30am-11:30am | 3-5 Y/O
Members: $125, Non-members: $160
Perfect for first-time preschoolers!

Monday-Thursday Afternoon Class
12:45pm-3:15pm | 3.5-5 Y/O
Members: $185, Non-members: $235
Perfect for kids who no longer need naps! Must be 3.5 by September 1st.

Pre-registrations for all classes $50.


The program in our preschool runs on a monthly format. Each month we will encompass teaching letters, numbers, patterns, shapes and colors. We will include daily crafts along with large and small motor activities. Monthly field trips, guest speakers and swimming will add to the fun in and out of the classroom. We will use a variety of activities and materials to teach and stimulate your child’s will to learn. We hope to develop in each child a positive character, with traits like honesty, respect, responsibility, and care.


Prior to starting Preschool at the Mid-Willamette Family YMCA we encourage families to meet with the Preschool Coordinator. We are committed to making your involvement with the YMCA as positive as possible. We want to make sure that our programs meet your needs and that your family is fully prepared for your experience here. If you are interested in registering your child at our preschool program, please contact:

Amy Carter, Preschool Coordinator / 541.926.4488 x109

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